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Ironize Herbal Cleanse is a formulation designed to optimise health and well being. Our blend of herbs are organically grown,  shade dried and serve multifunctional health purpose.

Ironize has been created primarily as a blood cleansing tonic. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are essential for transporting nutrients to every cell of the body to perform it's various functions. In the same manner, the bloodstream does the same with toxins, potentially causing biological disruption. The herbs selected within Ironize have the capability to bind toxins in the bloodstream and eliminate them from the body. Ironize is a potent detoxification supplement and helps kill unwanted bacterias, parasites and viruses from the body and eliminates via urine, sweat and the bowels. Taking Ironize consistently will cleanse and nourish the circulatory and lymphatic systems and act as a potent anti inflammatory.

Yellow dock root
Burdock Root
Sarsaparilla root
Vervain root
Quassia root

Supplement facts per serving 3 capsules
Yellow dock root 810mg
Burdock Root 247.5mg
Sarsaparilla root 247.5mg
Vervain root 247.5mg
Quassia root 247.5mg


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