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Ultimate Vegan Meal Replacement 2KG

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Vegan complete Meal delivers a vegan friendly nutritionally complete meal, free from Gluten, Soya and artificial additives.   A fast and convenient shake you can prepare in under 3 minutes, ideal for people leading busy lives.

Explore the benefits

Why is it beneficial to incorporate a Complete Meal into your dietary plan. In modern society, we are living increasingly busy lives. Preparing nutritious food is time consuming and leads to poor food choices of high calorific foods, with little nutritional value. Vegan Complete Meal is a healthy meal replacement at your fingertips, delivering perfect ratios of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fibre and fortified with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Developed by nutritional therapists, Vegan Complete Meal is a low cost meal with an excellent taste, is suitable for vegans and soya, sugar, GMO and gluten free. We do not recommend to replace more than one-two meals daily. It is ideal to implement into your diet if you need a healthy food option that can be prepared quickly. Vegan Complete Meal takes less than three minutes to prepare can be taken to consume as a healthy nutritious shake.

Vegan complete meal can be used effectively in a weight loss protocol. From a macro nutrient perspective, The blend is formulated to be low fat but filling at the same time. Carbohydrates and fat, consumed together, contribute to weight gain because the body uses carbs as a fuel source and stores fat. Unlike many meal replacement blends, we opted for a low fat content and high protein and fibre to ensure one shake keeps you feeling full for long periods.



Oat Flour

Fermented Pea

Quinoa protein



Coconut water powder

Konjac Fibre

Sea Salt

Vitamin & Mineral blend

Digestive enzyme

5 probiotic blend

Black pepper extract


Natural flavours

Nutritional information

NUTRITIONAL INFO  (approx 20 serving’s)

Per 100g serving *Reference Intake

Energy 1554 kj


fat 6.0g

-of which saturates 1.64g

-of which monosaturates 1.82g

-of which polyunsaturates 2.21g

carbohydrates 51g

-of which sugars 1.1g

Fibre 6.5g

Protein 30g

Salt 0.90g

% RI per 100g serving (Of government recommended nutrient intake)

Energy 18%


fat 8.4%

-of which saturates 8%

-of which monosaturates

-of which polyunsaturates

carbohydrates 19.5%

-of which sugars 1%

Fibre 21%

Protein 60%

Salt 15%

Amino acids 

AMINO ACID PROFILE Per 100g Serving                                                                                                                                      
Aspartic Acid 3190 mg          
Cysteine 430 mg                                                                                                 Serine 1740 mg                      
Tyrosine 1050 mg                                                                                                
Glutamic Acid 5330 mg         
Valine 1570 mg                                                                                                     Glycine 1300 mg                     
Methionine 430 mg                                                                                              
Histidine 690 mg                    
Lysine 1710 mg                                                                                                   
Arginine 2370 mg                  
Iso-Leucine 1290 mg
Threonine 1100 mg               
Leucine 2320 mg                                                                                                 
Alanine 1320 mg                   
Phenylalanine 1650 mg                                                                                       Proline 1440 mg                    
Tryptophan 350 mg

Benefits & Facts

Key facts

  • Fast and convenient to prepare
  • Every nutrient you need in perfect ratios
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • Excellent alternative to unhealthy processed foods
  • Ideal as breakfast or lunch replacement
  • Gluten free, Dairy Free -Soy Free - No added Sugar- Non GMO
  • Best tast guarantee
  • Independently batch tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Smooth on the digestive system, No gas or bloating
  • 5 strain live bacteria blend providing 5 billion probiotics per serving
  • Plant derived digestive enzymes for optimal absorption of nutrients
  • Developed by nutritional therapists and professional athletes

Why Take

Why Take

You may ask the question, why not just eat real food?  Complete meal is real food and more! The ingredients are derived from organically grown foods. The blend is fortified with superfoods and essential nutrients the body needs to function at it’s best capacity. Whilst we don’t recommend to completely replace real food, 4 shakes daily would provide you with every essential nutrient you need and more based on recommended daily intake values.

Each ingredient is meticulously sourced for premium quality and every batch tested to ensure there are zero heavy metals or pesticides. We have added a range of superfoods with a vitamin and mineral blend to ensure each serving delivers an abundance of micronutrients. The type of vitamins we have selected is the most effective for metabolism. We have used vitamins that are methylated. Vitamins need to be methylated in the liver, where they are converted into there active coenzyme forms. Unfortunately approximately 60% of people have a genetic mutation that prevents methylation working effectively. Not all vitamins are created equally, with methylated versions being much more effective.

Digestion & Absorption

Digestion and absorption

The Vegan complete meal provides optimal levels of carbohydrates and protein and is smooth on the digestive system. The addition of digestive enzymes, a 5-strain probiotic and black pepper extract ensure every nutrient can be effectively digested and absorbed.  Many meal replacements contain nuts and seeds, high in fats, which quickly oxidise and cause digestive issues such as gas and bloating as a result. We opted for a blend low in rancid fats and free from allergens, to deliver a product is smooth on the digestive system.

How to take When to take

How to take

For one complete meal, add three heaped scoops (approx. 100g) & mix well in a blender or raw sport shaker with 500ml of oat, almond, coconut or hemp milk for optimal taste results. Works equally as well mixed with 500ml of water.

When to take

Vegan meal is an ideal alternative to unhealthy breakfast or lunch options. Can be used at any time during the day to bridge a gap between main meals.