As we head into February, many peoples’ new year resolve to lose weight or eat more healthily has been broken and old lifestyle habits are back in place.

Lots of people will have invested into mainstream slimming brands as a route to reach desired weight loss, and whilst it’s true they often deliver short term goals, for many people long term goals are rarely achieved.

The majority of slimming companies deliver immediate results simply due to calorie restriction that sheds water and not fat. Psychologically this encourages participants to believe that this model works. However, once the initial water loss is gone, participants struggle to lose fat with this method alone – and a cycle of depressing yo-yo dieting can begin.

When weight is regained, the seed has been planted that the slimming clubs and slimming products worked and so people return to the clubs and products that achieved some initial results for them.

Huge sums of money are invested by traditional slimming companies to research the lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs, income and culture of their target customers and products and services are built around these factors.

The fundamental flaw for the consumer is that this business model supports what people want but fails to deliver what people need. Customers spend an average of £1,200 a year on branded foods, books, magazines and classes with ‘weight loss’ consultants, but the clubs lack the nutritional support and education to empower people to achieve health and wellness. When the models are analysed, they lack scientific research and may, in fact, promote weight gain over time. Many slimming products consist of highly processed foods that are low in fat and fortified with sugar.  For example, diet fizzy drinks are promoted as replacements, but science has shown that the artificial sweeteners trick the metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way and switches the body from fat burning to fat storage mode.

At Revolution Foods we believe that sustainable, achievable, permanent lifestyle and nutrition changes give the best chance of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and preventing serious diseases and conditions.

We believe it is an absolute sin to give foods a traffic light or points system. Nutrition isn’t this simple and everyone’s needs are different based on many variables. 

Revolution Foods offers a 30 day weight loss challenge that, unlike many weight loss products, is based around educating participants to take the advice offered in our professionally-designed eBook, to help deliver long term weight loss goals. With products designed to increase metabolism, and education to complement the products, the weight loss challenge doesn’t need to be repeatedly purchased and promotes a whole-food diet over short term diets based around processed foods.

The eBook explains in detail why calorie restriction actually promotes fat storage. It also outlines why fat-free diets create hormonal imbalances and why balanced hormones are key to not gaining weight.  The role of the hormone insulin and its connection to weight gain is clearly covered with precise information on why sugar and not fat is the reason obesity is on the increase.

If you are not happy with your weight, or have used traditional slimming clubs without success, try a fresh approach and use Weight Loss 30 as an introduction to Revolution Foods’ products. You are welcome to contact the Revolution Foods’ team of nutritional therapists for any advice and support you need along the way.

Until Friday February 10 you can still apply to win one of three packages of Revolution Foods’ weight loss and detox products. Email us at info@revolution-foods.comfor a short application form.