Introducing Tracy Pound, the first winner of our New Year campaign to find three people to take part in our competitions to promote healthier lifestyles in 2017.

(Tracy pictured with Ryan from Revfoods)

Follow Tracy's journey @tracyjpound or alternatively she will be blogging her experience on her website

Tracy has won our detox10 package that is a selection of 6 revolution foods products that support natural detoxification. The 10-day programme, designed by our team of nutritional therapist’s, is a professionally structured detox programme that incorporates our products with dietary and lifestyle changes to maximise results.

We launched the campaign after ‘fail Friday’ on the 24th of January, a day on which most people’s new year’s resolutions fail. Revolution foods Ethos on our health plans is to educate that striving for improved health is a lifestyle choice, and that fad diets and resolutions often fail.

Tracy’s journey throughout detox10 will be posted on our blog. We hope aspects of her experience’s can have a positive impact on long-term health.

Tracy, aged 50, owns an I.T company and her work keeps her very busy and involves lots of travel around Europe and the United States. She heard about our campaign at a business networking event and decided to enter to try and improve health and prevent illness. Her major expectations from detox10 are to increase energy and focus, lose a small amount of weight and reduce occasional bloating she experiences from certain food groups. She outlined that she wanted a protocol that wasn’t a quick fix and hoped aspects of the program could be used to improve her health before working overseas.

In Her recent visit to Revolution Foods HQ, Tracy outlined that she considers herself to be healthy. She stated that she doesn’t believe in dieting and has a balanced and varied diet. When in the UK she eats organically where possible and has a weekly seasonal vegetable box from riverford organic farmers. She is also a keen gym enthusiast and attends gym classes on a daily basis when not overseas. Tracy had never heard of revolution foods prior to finding out about the competition. She takes a multivitamin, aloe gel, tulsi tea and turmeric as a supplement to her healthy diet. She once tried the forever living clean9 and experienced rapid weight loss that was regained quickly afterwards. When asked about potential challenges she may encounter, fitting the protocol into her work schedule was the major obstacle. Taking the products at the right time and taking Epsom salt baths in hotels that do not have a bath were also potential pitfalls.

Tracy expressed that she was looking forward to the challenge and would be sharing her experiences via her personal social media. If you wish to follow Tracy's journey her twitter handle is @tracyjpound or alternatively she will be blogging her experience on her website

We will be finishing the second part of this blog in two weeks time so please keep posted via our online blog and social media -




to find out successes and failing of detox 10

GOOD LUCK Tracy !!