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I am a kick boxer I need to maintain my strength, I have been able to carry out my classes as usual & even have enjoyed (yes enjoyed) an hours run every Friday.

I jumped on the scales this morning and I have dropped 2.5kg just over 1lb per week = ONE VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY CUSTOMER.Thank You.

Jody Blunt --- ISKA K1 Southern Area champion, The BKBU British Kickboxing champion

Like many others I want to spread the love of Revolution Foods…Within weeks my skin was so clear and for the first time ever I actually had no spots!!. I feel less lethargic, more focused and increased energy levels but most of all I actually feel cleansed, happier and so much more positive on my outlook in life. People say I have a “glow” about me, I call it the RevolutonGLOW!!

Jenna :)x