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Freeze Dried Marine Plankton

Freeze Dried Marine Phyto-plankton 12g

Revolution foods marine phyto plankton is superior to many types of plankton on the UK market. Our supplier uses a superior closed  tubular cultivation system that ensures a higher standard of hygiene during the cultivation of the algae. Many marine plankton products use an open pump cultivation that can be problematic and cause harmful cultures that need chemical intervention, resulting in a contaminated product.

All marine phyto plankton goes through a centrifugal process to separate the water and algae. Our supplier uses a superior high-tech centrifugal system that eliminates salt from the plankton and maintains the cell wall. Unlike chlorella, marine plankton needs its cell wall to be intact to assimilate perfectly in the body.

Revolution foods marine phyto plankton is freeze dried at -54 degrees to ensure all nutrients are retained. Lesser products use heat drying methods that denature the amino acid profile and lose vital nutrients.


  • Freeze Dried to retain maximum nutrition
  • Undenatured amino acids
  • A vegan source of essential fatty acid EPA
  • GMO Free
  • Free from artificial colours, binders, fillers, preservatives and additives
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Soya Free
  • Sugar Free