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Full Body detox - Detox Cleanse, Moringa & Green Food

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Green Food

Green food is a great supplement to help alkalise the body and restore P.H balance. It contains every essential amino acid required for protein synthesis. Green food is rich in chlorophyll that helps cleanse and detoxify all systems of the body. The high ratios of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients help to balance blood sugar, support the immune system and boost energy levels. Green food contains perfect ratios of Essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6 to help reduce inflammation and support good cardiovascular health.


The Moringa tree is a native plant to northern India and was first described as a medicinal herb around 2000 BC. It is one of the few plants on earth that contains all the essential amino acids required for human protein synthesis. Known as the 'Miracle Tree' Moringa's leaves are packed with vitamins, minerals, 46 supreme and protective antioxidants and 36 natural anti inflammatory agents. Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse for people of all ages.

Detox cleanse:

Removes built up waste-impacted faeces, bacteria, fungi; accumulated mucous (mucoidplaque), parasites, worms and dead cellular tissues from the colon wall.

Unlike a colonic irrigation that ONLY washes through the large intestine and also pushes back unwanted bacteria and microbes into the small intestine. Many diseases originally manifest from the small intestine. For a true cleanse you must clean from the mouth through the GI tract.

The herbal formula inside this deep intra-cellular cleanse detoxifies the stomach, large intestine and small intestine cleansing right through the whole GI tract.

The colon is a primary organ involved in the body's internal detoxification elimination process and vital to maintain optimal health.

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