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Full Body Detox - Colozone Green Food Ironize Pacifica

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Revolution-foods Colozone is a blend of Oxygen, Magnesium & Fulvic minerals. It's the most natural and effective colon cleansing kit available. If you have impacted fecal matter trapped inside the colon, Colozone will remove and help oxygenate and stimulate the lymphatic system. Colozone assist's in helping the gall bladder release bile by its ability to dissolve stones. Revolution foods strive to provide the finest quality products at competitive prices.

Green Food

Green food is a great supplement to help alkalise the body and restore P.H balance. It contains every essential amino acid required for protein synthesis. Green food is rich in chlorophyll that helps cleanse and detoxify all systems of the body. The high ratios of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients help to balance blood sugar, support the immune system and boost energy levels. Green food contains perfect ratios of Essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6 to help reduce inflammation and support good cardiovascular health.


Iron is one of the most essential minerals and compound nutrients. Unfortunately many people today are deficient. Iron nourishes the circulatory system to help carry the nutrients required to thrive on a cellular level. It is also a key component of the immune and respiratory systems.
Ironize provides the platform to rejuvenate all bodily systems. We believe it to be superior to many of the inorganic products on the market that pass through the body with little effect. It also offers array of other benefits like cleansing the blood, and aiding bile product to help the liver detoxify fats.


Feel the benefits of the U.K's number 1 natural multi Vitamin/ mineral supplement. Pacifica offers every essential nutrient required to maintain optimum health. It will assimilate more efficiently than any synthetic supplement on the market.Pacifica is renowned for its health benefits and is perhaps one of the most nutritionally dense foods known to man. It contains 15 of the 18 essential elements of which the human body is composed. It's especially beneficial as it contains the full B vitamin complex essential for optimum metabolic energy metabolism. The high mineral content aids in the maintenance and repair of bones joints and connective tissues. The seaweeds are a great source of natural of Iodine, an essential nutrient for the thyroid gland.  Due to its positive effect on the thyroid, it will greatly aid in any weight loss program.



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