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1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours
1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours
1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours
1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours
1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours
1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours

1 kg Vegan Protein Powder, Dairy Free & Soy Free - Elite Repair Protein 6 Flavours

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Take your recovery to the next level With Raw Sport’s Elite Protein. The Elite range has been extensively researched and developed to deliver a protein powder that stands alone in the world market. Our dedicated team of nutritional therapists have left no stone unturned in the development of a range that embodies the advances in sports science and nutrition.

Raw Sport Elite Protein is a leading professional sports nutrition protein that can enhance performance and recovery. Much more than an average protein powder, Raw Sport Protein is a cutting edge product that incorporates science and nature.

 £1.12p per serving (31 servings in a bag).

Raw sport plant protein has gained the informed sport certification. It is used daily by Olympic athletes, professional footballers, professionals boxers, gym enthusiasts and celebrities across the globe.Elite Repair is ideal for those who wish to improve athletic performance, enhance recovery time or simply increases nutritional intake with the added bonus of it tasting great.

The customer feedback on raw sport elite is comprehensively positive. Ranging from excellent taste, mixing well, smooth texture, good value for money, the stand-alone positive is the quality of the ingredient profile and how good it makes people feel after exercise. Every 30g serving provides 25g of protein. Elite Repair has a complete amino acid profile that includes 7 grams Of BCAAs per serving to support optimal muscle mass, lean muscle and enhanced recovery. We have selected a combination of the highest quality plant proteins from bio fermented pea protein, quinoa protein and vegan BCAAs. We use an Instantised 2:1:1 BCAA, derived from vegan fermented sunflowers. Instantised differ from standard BCAAs due to their water solubility, making them far more applicable in the sports beverage market. Elite repair mixes well, has a smooth texture and tastes fantastic.

The product is free from allergens. It is Dairy free, Soya free, gluten free and suitable for vegans. We select the finest ingredients from around the globe, using organically grown ingredients we independently test for pesticides and heavy metals.

Raw Sport Protein range embodies every aspect of sports nutrition. One serving provides 25g of quality proteins with additional superfoods, added to deliver antioxidant, micro nutrients and anti inflammatory compounds.We value the digestion and absorption process as equally as important to the food consumed. You no longer have to worry about taking protein and having digestive complaints. We have selected digestive aids that work together to support optimal digestion. We have added a premium 5 billion per serving probiotic with the super food Baobab powder, acting as a prebiotic. Konjac fibre, digestive enzymes and piperine extract are additional digestive components that ensure every nutrient from each scoop is fully digested and assimilated. The addition of coconut water powder and grey sea salt help replenish lost electrolytes from physical exercise. Botswellic acid, the anti inflammatory compound from frankincense has been added to repair free radical oxidative stress. The addition of super foods provides an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

For best results add one heaped scoop (approx 33g) & mix well in blender or Raw Sport Protein Shaker with 300ml of oat, almond, coconut or hemp milk. Get creative and add one scoop to you favourite recipes.

Raw Sport ELITE Repair is best taken within 30 minutes post workout. Can also be taken as a pre-workout, 90 minutes before. This product can also be used as a daily protein source.

We use a selection of natural ingredients in each protein to enhance the taste and flavour of our protein powders. Across the five flavours we use: 

Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder (Added to Wild Berry Elite proteins) Strawberry powder adds a natural fruity strawberry taste to the wild berry protein. Strawberries are abundant in nutrients to support performance and recovery. It is a quality carbohydrate to help replenish glycogen stores after intense exercise. Strawberries are rich in vitamins minerals and antioxidants to help recovery of muscle cells damaged by training

Raw Cacao Powder (Added to the vanilla chocolate protein) Cacao, much in the same vein as coffee has stimulatory properties that can help enhance physical performance. Cacao stimulates a range of neuro chemicals that promote a feeling's of wellness. Like coffee it can make the perception of pain feel less when training

Ceylon Cinnamon (Added to the vanilla cinnamon protein) Cinnamon powder adds a subtle hint of cinnamon flavour. Cinnamon supports athletic recovery due to it’s high antioxidant content. Cinnamon helps to curb inflammation and helps regulate blood sugar balance.

Raw Banana Powder (Added to the Raw Banana Protein) Raw Banana powder gives the banana protein its rich banana flavour. We select non hybrid young banana due to their superior quality. Banana’s are rich in potassium and fibre. Potassium helps muscle and nerve cells to respond to stimulation. Banana is a quality carbohydrate to help replenish glycogen stores after intense exercise

BIO FERMENTED PEA PROTEIN. Pea protein is the leading plant based protein source. Loaded with essential amino acids and providing 78grams of protein per 100grams. Our pea protein goes through a fermentation process to enhance the bioavailability within the body and solubility of the protein when mixed with water. Our Pea is organically grown with no heat or chemicals used during the isolation process.

QUINOA PROTEIN. Quinoa protein contains of all essential amino acids and provides 65g of protein per 100grams. Water and the enzyme amylase are used to isolate the protein and deliver a toxin free healthy protein source.

INSTANTISED 2:1:1 BCAA. Our Instantised 2:1:1 BCAAs have been scientifically proven to accelerate recovery. BCAAs Reduce muscle soreness and improve the use of fat for energy during exercise. We have selected a 2:1:1 ratio as foods from nature has this exact balance. We use an instantised 2:1:1 BCAA derived from vegan fermented sunflower. Instantised differ from standard BCAAs due to their water solubility. Making them far more applicable in the sports beverage market.

COCONUT WATER POWDER. Coconut water is bursting with electrolytes in the perfect ratio for instant hydration. The addition of electrolytes within protein powder is unique within the market place and contributes towards faster recovery periods post workout.

LUCUMA POWDER. Lucuma is a South American fruit added for its high nutritional values. It is renowned for helping balance blood sugars and is rich in Vitamin A. B3 Iron Zinc Calcium and is a good protein source.

MACA POWDER. Maca is a super food widely used to enhance athletic performance. Maca contains a range of plant sterols that boost energy strength and performance. It is classified as an adatogen. Adaptogens are defined as natural substances that help the body adapt to stress. Maca can help regulate the endocrine system and restore hormonal balance.

BAOBAB POWDER. Baobab powder is the fruit pulp from the ancient African Baobab tree. Loaded with essential nutrients. Baobab is a nutritional powerhouse for people of all ages. We have selected Baobab as it is extremely beneficial for the digestive system. It provides soluble and insoluble fibre that act as probiotics. Meaning it feeds probiotics to enhance digestion and absorption of every nutrient within raw sport elite.

RAW CACAO POWDER. We use natural Chocolate to enhance the chocolate flavour. Cacao is a super food with vast beenfits for athletes.

KONJAC FIBRE. Konjac Fibre is a natural water soluble dietary fibre. It is used to help the solubility and smoothness of each protein shake. It helps the digestion process acting as a prebiotic to the probiotics within each blend. It has a very low calorie content and takes up space in the stomach therefore promoting a feeling of fullness.

GREY SEA SALT. Salt is an essential electrolyte that is lost through physical excursion. It is added to support sodium balance within the body throughout the toughest workouts. Balance of the cellular sodium potassium pump is essential to maintaining performance levels and avoid cramping and fatigue.

BOTSWELLIC ACID 65%. Boswellic acid has been selected due to its potent anti inflammatory activity. Curbing the inflammatory response post training is essential for optimal recovery. The addition of anti inflammatory compound are a key feature of raw sports elite protein. Boswellic acid is the anti inflammatory compound found in frankincense. It is well studied and has been found to be effective against pain and may prevent the loss of cartilage. Bowellic's acids mechanism of action is related to components of the immune system. It inhibits production of an enzyme called 5 lipoxgenase which when generated by the body in excessive amounts gives rise to a whole cascade of dangerous pro inflammatory reactions.

GINGER EXTRACT. Ginger has very good digestive benefits. It contains the enzyme zingibain which helps break down proteins.

PEPPERMINT LEAF. Peppermint is an excellent digestive tonic. It helps digest and absorb nutrients within the gut.

PAPAIN. Papain is another proteolytic enzyme. Meaning it helps break amino acids down into smaller strings of protein.

FENNEL SEED. Fennel seed Fennel seed is a potent digestive enzyme that helps to alleviate gas and bloating.

LACTO ACIDOPHILUS. Raw sport selects the finest probiotics on the market. The company we work with have more than 30 years of experience and research in the probiotics industry. They have 12 clinical studies that support the efficacy and effectiveness of their product.

LACTO RHAMNOSUS.Each serving provides 5 billion probiotics. Probiotics when consumed in adequate amounts have a beneficial effect on health.

BIFIDO ANIMALIS SUBSP LACTIS. Our range of pro and prebiotics makes raw sport elite unique on the market. The addition of our comprehensive digestive support maximises the efficacy of each ingredient we have selected.

BIFIDO BIFIDUM. Probiotics are very beneficial for athletes. Studies have shown probiotics to support immunity to reduce the risk of infection. Probiotics improve the health of the gut lining reducing the risk of leakage of bad bacteria into the bloodstream that can trigger inflammation.

NATURAL FLAVOUR .We use a tiny amount of natural flavouring to enhance the taste of the product. Natural flavours are naturally processed non synthetic and are derived from food sources.

STEVIA EXTRACT. We use a tiny amount of stevia extract to enhance the flavour. Stevia is a herb from South America that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Unlike sugar it has zero calories and doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugars. Stevia is a superior sweetener that doesn’t have a negative effect on gut bacteria.

PIPERINE EXTRACT (95% PIPERINE) Piperine is added in a very tiny amount to enhance the bioavailability of every ingredient present. Studies have shown piperine to enhance the absorption of curcumin by 2000%. We have added piperine at 1% as high doses can cause side effects.

The nutritional information across all flavours is very similar.

Nutritional information  Per 33g serving (approx 30 servings)

ENERGY 530kj / 125kcal




SALT 0.23g



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