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Colozone Cleanse 40g

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Revolution-foods Colozone is a blend of Oxygen, Magnesium & Fulvic minerals. You Receive two cleanses in one pack.

It's the most natural and effective colon cleansing kit available. If you have impacted fecal matter trapped inside the colon, Colozone will remove and help oxygenate and stimulate the lymphatic system. Colozone assist's in helping the gall bladder release bile by its ability to dissolve stones. Revolution foods strive to provide the finest quality products at competitive prices.

  • It removes Candida albicans
  • Oxygen, magnesium ozone process
  • Colon, Kidney and Endocrine assistant
  • Oxygenates the intestinal tract & blood
  • Add 2-3 teaspoons to half a pint of water, add half a lemon or lime juice to activate.
  • The Cleanse is best taken on a day of rest
  • Ensure to keep hydrated during cleansing

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