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Sample Pack Female Repair Protein Powder (2 Flavours)

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Why not try raw sport repair before purchasing a large bag. This sample pack lets you try our two best sellers the Vanilla and Salted Caramel flavours, each one serving sachet provides 25g of protein with a complete amino acid profile.

Repair is ideal for those that wish to improve athletic performance and recovery. If your goals are to increase muscle mass, maintain lean muscle, stabilise energy levels or lose weight, Then this protein powder is ideal.

Our sample packs are also convenient for traveling.

Take your recovery to the next level With Raw Sport’s Repair Protein. Repair is ideal for those that wish to improve athletic performance and recovery. If your goals are to increase muscle mass, maintain lean muscle, stabilise energy levels or lose weight, Then this protein powder is ideal.

Raw Sport Repair is fast becoming one of our most popular product ranges. One serving provides an excellent ingredient profile with an irresistible taste at affordable prices. Each flavour offers an irresistible taste, is sugar free, vegan friendly and free from all allergens. Non-athletes can benefit from incorporating repair into the diet. Protein is an essential building block of life and essential in metabolic processes that include the production of hormones, enzymes, Immune components and the healthy turnover of DNA.













Nutritional information

Per 33g serving (approx 28 servings) 
Energy  533kj 126kcal 
Fat 1.62g 
Of which saturates 0.39g 
Carbohydrates 1.95g 
Of which sugars  >0.1g 
Protein  25.5g 
Salt   0.26g 

Amino Acid Profile
Amino acid profile per serving 
Aspartic acid  2620mg 
Serine  1412mg 
Glutamic Acid  3993mg 
Glycine  940mg 
Histidine  528mg 
Arginine  1815mg 
Threonine  871mg 
Alanine  1043mg 
Proline  1009mg 
Cysteine  208mg 
Tyrosine  894mg 
Valine  2274mg 
Methionine  257mg 
Lysine  1686mg 
Iso Leucine  2016mg 
Leucine  3432mg 
Phenylalanine  1168mg 
Tryptophan  321mg


Benefits and facts

The customer feedback on Raw Sport is comprehensively positive. Ranging From excellent taste, mixing well, smooth texture, good value for money, the stand out positive people report is the quality of the ingredient profile and how well people recover after exercise. Red maca and sea buckthorn powder have been added to support female health. Both ingredients are nutrient dense and support hormonal balance and optimise energy pathways.

Every serving provides 25g of protein. Raw Sport Repair has a complete amino acid profile that includes 7 grams of BCAAs per serving to support optimal muscle mass, lean muscle and enhanced recovery. We have selected a combination of the highest quality plant proteins from bio fermented pea protein, quinoa protein and vegan BCAAs. We use an Instantised 2:1:1 BCAA, derived from vegan fermented sunflower. Instantised differ from standard BCAAs due to their water solubility, making them far more applicable in the sports beverage market. 


Digestion & absorption

Digestive enzymes and konjac fibre have been added to ensure every nutrient is fully digested and assimilated. Repair mixes well, has a smooth texture and tastes fantastic. The product is free from allergens. It is dairy, sugar, soya and gluten free and suitable for vegans. We select the finest ingredients from around the globe, using organically grown ingredients that are independently tested for pesticides and heavy metals. 


How and when to take

Raw Sport Repair is best taken within 30 minutes post workout. Can also be taken as a pre-workout, 90 minutes before. This product can also be used as a daily protein source.

For best results add one heaped scoop (approx 33g) & mix well in blender or Raw Sport Protein Shaker with 300ml of oat, almond, coconut or hemp milk. Get creative and add one scoop to your favourite recipes.


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