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Raw sport energize pre work out Cherry gurana flavour 240g

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Raw Sport Energize is a natural pre workout supplement that uses natural organically grown ingredients. Our team of nutrition experts have formulated a synergistic blend, designed to help deliver your performance goals. Each 8g serving provides 80mg of natural plant caffeine. Caffeine has been proven beneficial for improved performance and endurance during exercise. Its benefits include:

  • Increased ability to train for longer
  • Increased power output during exercise
  • Enhances focus and energy
  • Enhances fat burning capacity
  • Stimulates production of 'feel good' hormones endorphins
  • Increases thermogenesis (heat production) in the body to help burn more calories

Cherry energize uses natural organically grown ingredients with a natural caffeine boost from guarana to help fuel the toughest workouts. Our team of nutritional therapists have developed a synergistic blend, designed to deliver your performance goals. Each 8g scoop provides 80mg of natural plant caffeine with together with an abudance of natural electrolytes and superfoods. Caffeine has been proven beneficial for improved performance and endurance during exercise. Its benefits include:

• Enhances focus and energy.

• Increased power output during exercise.

• Increased ability to train for longer.

• Enhances fat burning capacity.

• Increases thermogenesis (heat production) in the body to help burn more calories.

• Stimulates production of 'feel good' hormones endorphins.

Raw sport energize delivers a beverage that tastes delicious. Our selection of premium ingredients will help towards reaching your desired workout goals. The base ingredient of raw sport energize is coconut water powder from young Thailand coconuts. This unique ingredient gives each drink a smooth creamy consistency and enhances the taste. One serving of Energize gives a natural supply of electrolytes, helping to support optimal hydration to sustain performance levels. Electrolyte benefits include:

• Reduction of fatigue.

• Prevention of muscle spasms or cramping.

• Regulation of blood pressure.

• Regulation of correct muscle function.

Energize your exercise routine and replace electrolyte minerals with a cup of Raw Sport Energize 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.

For best results add one 8g scoop with 400ml of water, coconut water or juice and stir with teaspoon or blender. Can be enjoyed as a healthy hot drink throughout the day. Simply add one scoop to hot water to prepare a delicious hot latte. Can be used in pre work out juices or smoothies.

COCONUT WATER POWDER. Coconut water is bursting with electrolytes in the perfect ratio for instant hydration. Making it the ideal natural sports drink to get you through your toughest workouts

FREEZE DRIED CHERRY POWDER. Freeze dried cherry powder contributes towards enhanced performance and recovery. Cherries contain melatonin which is a phytochemical that helps sleep cycles and acts as a potent antioxidant. Cherries have been found to reduce inflammation and muscle damage

GUARANA EXTRACT. Guarana is the ingredient selected to help you go that extra mile. A natural plant stimulant guarana improves mental alertness It increases endurance and delays fatigue and exhaustion

FREEZE DRIED BEETROOT POWDER. Beetroot is widely used in the sports nutrition industry. It raises levels of a compound called nitric oxide. Research shows nitric oxide increases blood flow by opening up blood vessels allowing more oxygen to working muscles. Beetroot has been shown to improve lung function and strengthen muscle contraction

SUNFLOWER LECITHIN. Sunflower lecithin is added to support the digestion of all ingredients. Lecithin helps to emulsify and breakdown fats in the body. It also assists in absorption of all nutrients within the product. Sunflower lecithin is superior to soya and canola and is not allergenic

GREY SEA SALT. Salt is an essential electrolyte that is lost through physical excursion. It is added to support sodium balance within the body throughout the toughest workouts. Balance of the cellular sodium potassium pump is essential to maintain performance levels and avoid cramping and fatigue

NATURAL FLAVOUR CHERRY. We use a tiny amount of natural flavouring to enhance the taste of the product. Natural flavours are non synthetic and are derived from food sources

STEVIA EXTRACT. We use a tiny amount of stevia extract to enhance the flavour. Stevia is herb from South America that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Unlike sugar it has zero calories and doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugars. Stevia is a superior sweetener that doesn’t have a negative effect on gut bacteria

Nutrition per 8g serving

ENERGY 176kj 42kcal

FAT 3.6g





SALT  0.03mg



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